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You Can Do More That Matters

Greg Hammond, Ron Ware Authors-Speakers"We wrote You Can Do More That Matters to encourage you to think differently about your money and your passion. To motivate you to assess what you are capable of doing to address the concerns and needs that move you... to act differently as you discover what you're actually able to do. Our goal is to get you more engaged in making a bigger and better impact on the people, causes, and organizations you care about most. In short, we hope to help you to live more and give more."


Greg Hammond & Ron Ware

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  • An engaging read from beginning to end, this book will challenge you to re-think the purpose of your money and the purpose of your life.
    An Engaging Read from Beginning to End, Andrew Accardy, Executive Director, Y God Institute; former Executive Vice President, Purpose Driven Ministries
  • Wow! This is an incredibly inspiring book that shows you what an impact you can have on your world with your gifts of kindness as you go through life.
    An Incredibly Inspiring Book, Brian Tracy, Author, Maximum Achievement
  • Such a timely message for the consumer culture we find ourselves in! With a generous spirit, we can truly make a difference. This book is a helpful roadmap to help us live and give well.
    A Timely Message for the Consumer Culture, Patrick Johnson, Chief Architect, Generous Church
  • Engaging and heart-felt, this book illustrates how advisors and trusted wealth consultants who have a strong personal understanding of their clients are uniquely positioned to positively impact the individuals and families they serve, and society at large.
    Engaging and Heart-felt, Wade Wilkinson, President and CEO, Securities Service Network, Inc.
  • Ron and Greg tell us that, 'True wealth involves the things that money can't buy and death can't take away. Just as it is important to carefully plan how to pass on your financial wealth, we must carefully consider how we wish to pass on our true wealth to future generations.' In You Can Do More that Matters, they make a powerful case for taking a closer look at the resources each of us is blessed to steward – and then wisely using those resources to support the causes and issues we are most passionate about. From our experience at NCF we know that those who are well-planned give more and give more wisely and experience greater joy because of it. This encouraging and useful book will inspire readers. Read it with family and friends and then plan to make a difference in your world!
    What Money Can't Buy and Death Can't Take Away, David Wills, President, National Christian Foundation
  • In this comprehensive treatise, the authors succinctly and compellingly illustrate the challenges and opportunities that confront successful people. More importantly, they show how we can all make our world more abundant through intelligent, in-depth planning. They show how the discernment process of our own core values allows each of us to identify the path to enriching our own lives as well as countless others. This book is a must read for all of us who wish to be fulfilled through our own positive influence and action.
    Be Fulfilled Through Positive Influence and Action, Thomas Brady, Chairman, Thomas Brady and Associates
  • Engaging in the process described in You Can Do More That Matters will lead to many wonderful outcomes, the most impactful being Joy. Putting your personal purpose into action will create a sense of satisfaction and meaning that few life events can rival. Open yourself up to the process Ron and Greg have captured in this book and be prepared to consider a bigger role in touching the world than you might have imagined.
    Put your Personal Purpose into Action, Jay Steenhuysen, Founder Steenhuysen Associates and creator of the Philanthropy Coach program
  • I know personally what a book like this can do in a person's life and hope that many, many people will be impacted by reading it, become smart financial stewards, and experience the satisfaction that comes from creating wealth and giving it away for Kingdom purposes.
    Become Smart Financial Stewards, Gary Schwammlein, President, Willow Creek Association
  • In You Can Do More That Matters, Ron and Greg challenge us to realize that the same entrepreneurial vision that creates wealth can be employed to create a legacy that exceeds all of our dreams and can make a difference in our world. They offer a way to restore power to money!
    A Way to Restore Power to Money, Dennis Baril, Senior Pastor, Community Covenant Church, Rehoboth, MA; President, Genesis Industries Limited, L3C, Burlington, VT (a social venture company seeking to create sustainable change to systemic poverty through agribusiness product exports)
  • A must-read for successful people who want to translate good intention into action. Greg and Ron have nailed it with useful, meaningful information. Don't be left behind... join the movement. I love this book!
    Translate Good Intention into Action, James Malinchak, featured on ABC’s Hit TV Show, “Secret Millionaire;" Founder, www.BigMoneySpeaker.com
  • If your wealth is more than your money – and you want your money and your life to matter more – Greg and Ron's concise and enjoyable new book is just what the doctor ordered. It will not only inspire you... it will provide you with practical steps to live a more abundant life and leave a more abundant legacy. You, your family and your causes will profit.
    Practical Steps to Live a More Abundant Life, Scott Keffer, international speaker, author, coach; CEO, Scott Keffer International
  • Ron and Greg have managed to write a book about money that is both thought provoking and pragmatic. In You Can Do More That Matters, they have laid out a path for thinking about the purpose of money that is inspirational as well as specific. The book weaves in useful examples of people who have harnessed the power of money to bring about good for their families and communities. This book will be helpful to anyone that is trying to balance the specific aspects of saving for education, providing for family, planning for retirement and thinking about a bigger purpose of wealth – stewardship.
    Thought Provoking and Pragmatic, Lawrence J. Rybka JD, CFP®, President of ValMark Securities
  • It's time to advance from success to significance. Your life can be a 'living legacy.' Greg and Ron will be your guide and this book is your manual to a life of purpose, valuable contribution and soulful reward – a life you can be proud of.
    It's time to advance from success to significance, Darren Hardy, Publisher & Founding Editor of SUCCESS Magazine and New York Times bestselling author of The Compound Effect.