A thought-provoking book that asks:



Your Clients Want to Talk About Charitable Giving.

Did you know that many of your clients are waiting for you to raise the topic of charitable giving? Wouldn’t it be mutually beneficial – to you and to your clients –if you could prompt an engaging and productive conversation about legacy planning and philanthropy?

By introducing the philanthropy conversation, you create unique value for your clients and offer a capability that other advisors lack. Many people delay or resist planning because they perceive it to be a series of difficult and complex decisions around business and family matters or death and taxes. They often don’t have the energy and motivation to do the hard work and spend time and money on the process. Imagine the value you create – and an increased ability to attract the right new clients – when you can help individuals and families to plan more holistically and do more than matters to them personally.

You Can Do More That Matters is filled with advice and examples designed to help people “live more and give more.” Read it for yourself and offer copies to your clients. You can inspire them to think differently about their wealth and motivate them to take action on behalf of the causes and organizations they care about most.