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Why I Give

Many of us seek to make a difference in the world, even if it is only in a small way. Caring for others is a way of meeting our own needs. Helping people because they are in need, beginning with our own family and reaching outward is not always easy, yet fulfills us in a way that transcends understanding.

Some people wait for the day when acquiring more wealth ceases to be important. They worry about how a large inheritance might affect their heirs and sometimes feel that it is wise to give more to charity where it benefits many people. Some, of more modest means, worry that they will shortchange their heirs if they give to charity. Whether our wealth is great or small, each of us has received gifts or been helped by mentors, teachers or others who have left a marked impression on our lives and inspired gratitude. What inspires philanthropic gestures? Is it empathy? Gratitude? There are an infinite number of answers covering a universally wide spectrum of human inspiration and motivation. Regardless of income, available time, age, and skills, when we give to others we move one small step closer to helping someone live out their dreams.

Ron Ware, J.D. and Greg Hammond, CFP®, CPA are wealth impact strategists and personal legacy advisors who help individuals, families, and business owners enhance their financial standing while discovering a greater capacity to provide for their loved ones and support cherished charities. Contact Ron or Greg.