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Legacy is a Powerful Word

Legacy is a Powerful word

Your legacy can be joyful, tragic, or somewhere in between – but you get to choose which.

In our practices, we see families who have done a remarkable job preparing their heirs to receive wealth, models of health, harmony and discipline. But we also see families torn apart by inheritance, racked by sibling rivalry, poor communication, and strained relationships.

Many factors contribute to a family’s success, but we think it’s really a matter of big picture thinking over the long term, and the discipline to act. When estate planning focuses on cultivating values for future generations in much the way a farmer prepares the earth for the seed he plants, it becomes a productive and meaningful experience.

Many times people worry so much about the mechanics of estate planning and taxes that they forget the meaning and values associated with all that they accumulate. They don’t ask, “What was it all for?” And then act upon it. Your legacy depends on it.

Greg Hammond, CFP®, CPA  and Ron Ware, J.D. help families LIVE MORE, GIVE MORE® and build a living legacy. As personal legacy advisors and wealth impact strategists they counsel families on growing and preserving wealth, planning for retirement and managing their charitable giving. See how you can build a legacy of your values, influence and money and begin the conversation today. Get your family legacy conversation starters here. Contact Greg at (800) 416-1655 or info@hammondiles.com. Contact Ron at (781) 489-9800, or info@wealthimpactpartners.com.

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