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Giving Back Podcast with Rob Lowe & Greg Hammond

In my Giving Back podcast with Rob Lowe, we explore simple ways to make a powerful difference in people’s lives. http://bit.ly/2vKjrBz. Rob’s show talks about the great work being performed by charities, and tells personal stories of how and why people support their favorite charity. You’ll also learn how you can take action and get involved in a cause you’re passionate about. Greg Hammond, CFP®, CP
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Raising Funds for ALS

Greg Hammond helped raise funds for ALS by supporting the Joe Martin ALS Foundation CDI Southeast Annual Golf Tournament, Dinner and Auction. The event was held at Ballantyne Country Club in Charlotte, NC on October 10th. ALS most often overwhelms families financially and emotionally.
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Beginners Guide to Charitable Giving With Impact

By Greg Hammond, CFP®, CPA The most effective and rewarding philanthropy—to the giver and to society—comes when giving is an extension of your values, interests, and goals. Expressing yourself through generosity that reflects personal and emotional relevance can excite you in a way that no obligatory gift ever will. In turn, this leads you to invest even greater amounts of your time and talent in seeking solutions fo
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Charitable Giving: 5 Key Questions The Pros Ask

When you attain a level of financial security where you feel the freedom to devote resources to causes and organizations that you value, it’s worthwhile to take time to think, dream, and plan before you give. Reflecting on your underlying motivations to give can lead to more effective and focused philanthropy and ensure that you work toward achieving your desired legacy.
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2 Incredibly Effective Ways to Give During Retirement

  People sometimes think they should stop or reduce their charitable giving when they retire. There are many things to take into account when developing your retirement lifestyle plan. Among those considerations, you may take pride in helping organizations and causes near and dear to your heart, and want to continue your charitable giving throughout retirement.
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Teach Kids About Generosity

Generosity is a mindset and a way of life.  It’s about far more than just giving money, and it is a great tool to teach younger generations about legacy. Growing up, my father and I never really discussed being generous, but he showed me in so many small ways that it has become his living legacy―and now, I am making it my life’s work to share the message. It seems that lessons learned best are lessons pra
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Charitable Giving- The Power of Giving

5 Charitable Giving Mistakes

Charitable giving provides benefits for the non-profit organization receiving the gift and for you. Are you currently giving in the most efficient and beneficial way? You can free up additional funds for charitable giving by being more effective with your charitable donations. Avoid these 5 common mistakes so you can give more and make a greater impact on the causes and nonprofit organizations you care about.
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How Financial Professionals Can Get In The Way

In the world of financial professionals, a major obstacle to getting people to do more is, unfortunately, the professionals themselves. Frequently, professionals such as attorneys, investment advisors, insurance professionals, and accountants tell us their clients aren’t interested in charitable giving but instead want to minimize taxes and maximize the wealth that their family and heirs will receive.
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Tax Planning “What’s philanpoppy?”

In our practice, regular folks- the “millionaires next door” often do not relate, at first, to the possibilities of philanthropy – until they see that they can do it voluntarily so the government doesn’t make them do it involuntarily. That realization appeals to those innate human drives for autonomy, mastery and purpose.
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“But I’m Not Bill Gates”

Many people whom society would regard as well-off are actually concerned about running out of money. And that fear is part of the challenge in encouraging them to engage in philanthropy.  The media hardly helps the situation:  Advertisers, in their bid for attention, take things to the extreme and play on those worries.  You can see this daily as the financial news networks proclaim that the financial markets are in
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