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Stock Inversions Can Be Good for Nonprofits

Although corporate stock inversions have come under fire lately, U.S. based multinational companies continue to announce inversion plans. In an inversion transaction, the shareholders of the U.S. Corporation must exchange their shares for shares of the foreign parent corporation.  Although the stock inversion transaction qualifies as a tax-free reorganization that imposes no tax on the U.S. Corporation, this exchange
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How Financial Professionals Can Get In The Way

In the world of financial professionals, a major obstacle to getting people to do more is, unfortunately, the professionals themselves. Frequently, professionals such as attorneys, investment advisors, insurance professionals, and accountants tell us their clients aren’t interested in charitable giving but instead want to minimize taxes and maximize the wealth that their family and heirs will receive.
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Lack of a Financial Plan

Many people spend more time and care planning their vacations than they spend on their financial and estate planning. They pore over travel guides and find the best rates online, all in anticipation of a week or two in their future. Probably because of our human impulses, planning for short-term fun can trump long-term gain. With the future uncertain, risks to be managed, a retirement for which we fear we may not hav
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Legacy Planning – Procrastination

Though convinced they should take their plan to the next level, create a legacy, and make an impact by possibly engaging in philanthropy, people procrastinate for a host of reasons. And they aren’t necessarily conscious that they are doing so.
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Money: How Much Do I Really Need?

Many people could easily write big checks, but something holds them back. Most of our clients are age 60 and over and have a net worth generally in the range of one million to thirty million dollars. They could spend hundreds of thousands of dollars more than they spend now, but they can’t bring themselves to do it.  When shown that they have excess wealth, they might travel more or perhaps buy a second home, b
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Your Life as a “Living Legacy”

Darren Hardy, in his book The Compound Effect, discusses the power of your “why.” If you were offered twenty dollars, he asks, to walk a thirty-foot plank that was lying on the ground, you would certainly accept such an easy challenge. But what if the plank were between the tops of two tall buildings?  Would twenty dollars be enough to take such a risk?  Then imagine that you needed to cross that plank because the ot
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Do More That Matters Legacy Planning, Greg Hammond

If you knew you could, wouldn’t you?

Financial Planning It is a rhetorical question, because the answer is a given.  If you knew you could, of course you would – it seems nobody would ever say otherwise. Any of us would if we honestly thought we could, right? The problem, however, is that all too many of us don’t know this and don’t believe we can. From our professional experience, we have come to realize that the vast majority of us really do have prov
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A Trusted Advisor’s Vital Role

Two years ago my parents embraced their need for wealth transfer and it fell on me as facilitator of their estate to discuss it with my siblings and coordinate their wishes with their financial advisor. The advisor was well prepared for our meeting and his ability to build a relationship with his client’s next of kin determined whether he will continue to manage the family’s assets in the future. 
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