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Money: How Much Do I Really Need?

Many people could easily write big checks, but something holds them back. Most of our clients are age 60 and over and have a net worth generally in the range of one million to thirty million dollars. They could spend hundreds of thousands of dollars more than they spend now, but they can’t bring themselves to do it.  When shown that they have excess wealth, they might travel more or perhaps buy a second home, b
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It’s Not Just About Money-Why many fall short

In his book “Drive,” Daniel Pink summarizes three primary motivators of human behavior – and none of them is money. The first one is autonomy. We want to be able to have the freedom to do as we wish, the way we wish, and independence from needing anything from anybody. The second motivator is mastery. Golfers know there’s only one reason to play the game: to get better. Otherwise, you would have to admit, it is a pre
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