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The Authors

Meet Greg Hammond and Ron Ware.

Ron and Greg are wealth impact strategists and personal legacy advisors who deeply believe in “living more and giving more.” For over 20 years, each of them has helped individuals, families, and business owners enhance their financial standing while discovering a greater capacity to provide for their loved ones and support cherished charities. Their similar views on the meaning of personal wealth and complementary approach to helping clients align their resources with their passion, drew them together to co-author You Can Do More That Matters.

greg hammond doing more that matters the bookGreg Hammond, CFP®, CPA is President of Hammond Iles Wealth Advisors and co-founder of the Do More That Matters Foundation. As a Wealth Impact Strategist for life and legacy, Greg helps people transform their financial picture into an organized, unified plan for their lifetime and beyond. Greg has been in financial services for over two decades and has clients across the U.S. He specializes in investment strategies and charitable planning for the transfer of wealth between generations, legacy building, and protecting the value of an estate. He seeks to make the wealth transfer process a productive and meaningful experience by understanding a family’s unique dynamics and values, educating family members on money management, and acting as a neutral facilitator.


    Through shared life experiences and engaging humor Greg brings the concept of superior planning alive with creativity, vitality and spontaneity as he delivers keynote presentations at conferences, estate planning councils, churches and organizations. He moves audiences from passive listeners to active participants empowering them to “Do More that Matters.”

    A graduate of Miami University, Oxford, Ohio with a Bachelor of Science in Accountancy, Greg began his career with a regional CPA firm. “When my first daughter was born,” he says, “I took a look at the things that were important in life – and among them was a desire to do more to help people than just prepare their taxes.” Transitioning to wealth management, he and his business partner, Scott Iles acquired the private practice where they worked in order to focus on helping people align their financial goals, life visions, risk tolerance and philosophy so they can support their families and the causes they care about while preserving investments and generating income and estate tax benefits.

Ron Ware J.D., Author, Speaker, Personal Legacy AdvisorRon Ware, J.D.  is an attorney and a financial planner. He is also the founder and president of Wealth Impact Partners, and co-founder of the Do More That Matters Foundation. For over 20 years, Ron and his team have helped successful individuals and families to discover and act upon their true financial capacity and personal passion to improve their impact with their wealth. Ron holds himself out professionally as a personal legacy advisor. He believes that the central focus of “next level” financial and estate planning should be the life we’ve always wanted and the legacy by which we hope one day to be remembered. To Ron, this approach is what makes Wealth Impact Partners different. It’s something distinctly more positive, and also more motivating, for the individuals and families he advises.


    Through his ActivateLegacy program, Ron also has served as a valuable resource to charities and non-profits and the people who care about them, by helping them better evaluate how they might be able to make major and planned gifts. Ron serves as an objective, expert resource to these individuals and families, as they earnestly explore different approaches that could allow them to do more philanthropically. Ron is a sought after speaker, as well as a gifted and passionate teacher. Two of his most requested talks are: Enhancing the Wealth of Your Life, and So Much Purpose, So Little Time. He teaches regularly on behalf of an array of collaborative partners, including charitable organizations, faith based groups, and other financial professionals. He also has had the rare honor and privilege of delivering an occasional Sunday sermon within his local church. Ron earned a Juris Doctorate from Regent University in Virginia and a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Bryant University in Rhode Island. He is a life-long entrepreneur and has been part of closely held family businesses since childhood.