A thought-provoking book that asks:



Do More That Matters® wowed audiences in Las Vegas, Chicago, Boston, Baltimore and beyond.

Greg Hammond and Ron Ware

Greg Hammond and Ron Ware

Having shared hundreds of presentations, keynotes and workshops at local, regional and national conferences, Ron and Greg bring new energy to every event. Using their personal brand of storytelling, the authors relate, captivate, and illustrate with clarity the undiscovered potential to Do More That Matters®.

Even in a room of 1,000, theirs is visibly not a one-sided conversation!
You can expect to see people nodding in agreement as Ron and Greg draw the audience into participation and build a foundation for new thinking and motivation for action that propels positive change.

As a keynote speaker, panel member, or workshop leader, meeting your needs is our number one objective.


Are you ready?

Both Ron and Greg — together or individually — deliver custom-crafted messages that resonate from the boardroom to the home – and can align with your objectives. They tune their message topics so that each presentation is personalized and culturally relevant for their audience.  In the presentations listed here, they shine a spotlight on the many elements that influence the philanthropic and wealth management experience with humor, energy and real-world anecdotes.