A thought-provoking book that asks:


The Book

Why we wrote this book.

(L)GregHammond-(R)RonWare_0316-AboutAuthors (2)Greg Hammond and Ron Ware are wealth impact strategists and personal legacy advisors. For more than 20 years, they have helped individuals, families, and business owners enhance their financial standing while discovering a greater capacity to provide for their loved ones and support cherished charities.

Their similar views on the meaning of personal wealth and their complementary approaches to helping clients align their resources with their passion, drew them together to co-author You Can Do More That Matters. The information, advice, and illustrations Greg and Ron use throughout the book are drawn from their extensive wealth management experience.

“We wrote You Can Do More That Matters to encourage you to think differently about your money and your passion,” say authors Greg Hammond and Ron Ware. “To motivate you to assess what you are capable of doing to address the concerns and needs that move you… to act differently as you discover what you’re actually able to do. Our goal is to get you more engaged in making a bigger and better impact on the people, causes, and organizations you care about most. In short, we hope to help you to live more and give more.”

“I firmly believe I’m here for a reason, just like all of us,” Ron says. “I’m just one of the lucky ones who has found my one thing that I’ve been uniquely called to do – encouraging, empowering and equipping others to experience more and do more with what they have. I consider it a huge blessing to have this opportunity to live out my values, as I help the smart and successful people that I get the privilege to work with, to live out theirs.”

“My father showed me through his actions and example that it’s important to give back to the community, beyond supporting one’s family,” Greg says. “I feel, through my faith, that I’m called to do more. Each of us has been blessed with unique gifts. My profession allows me to leverage knowledge and experience to help others and make a tremendous impact in the world. That’s what motivates me.”